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BBQs, Fireplaces & Pits

If you do a lot of outdoor cooking and backyard entertaining, you're probably well aware of your old gas grill's shortcomings–and the limits of your backyard. Chances are, your grill lacks any real counter space, not to mention the versatility to smoke or roast a large turkey. It probably can't generate the searing heat that you need to optimize flavor. And, if you and your grill stand alone by the garage, you've probably realized that an attractive patio might do much to improve your social life.

Let Lan-Con design and construct a new built-in grill and entertainment space that will make you the envy of your friends and showcase your culinary skills.


There is nothing more enjoyable than spending time outdoors with your family and friends.  Summertime backyard barbecue's and pool parties are the common outdoor activity when entertaining in the summer months.  By adding an outdoor fireplace to your yard or patio you can add to the enjoyment you receive while spending time outside.  Outdoor fireplaces make it possible for you to spend your evenings outside during the summer by adding the warm glow of a fire.

Outdoor fireplaces also extend your outdoor season by allowing you to enjoy your yard and patio long into our Arizona fall and winter months.  Share your vision of an outdoor fireplace with Lan-Con and let them design one to make those dreams become real.

Fire Pits

Whether you are looking to harness the warmth and light of an open fire with the outdoor fireplaces or enjoy fire pit cooking in your on backyard with an outdoor fire pit, Lan-Con can design one to exceed your dreams.

Your outdoor nights and backyard entertainment will never be the same with a fire pit addition. They make the perfect cosmetic and functional outdoor accessory that you will enjoy for years to come!